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Even with news of a massive solar flare threatening electronics and communications, Dylan’s mind is elsewhere wondering about the status of his relationship with his girlfriend (Liz).  Best friend and co-worker Nate, listens attempting to put an end to Dylan’s self-loathing.  However, his incessant worrying is rendered meaningless when an abrupt power outage leads to a horrifying chain of events, thrusting Dylan and Nate into a fight for their lives.  In his darkest moments of fear and desperation, Dylan is about to discover an unforeseen clarity to put things in perspective.

  • Starring   Andrew Carl and Arque Springfield
  • Also Featuring   Ray Baker, Nancy Johansen, Jason Bryant, Patrick Kane, Joe Burton, Gary Vermillion, Alyssa O’Connell and Ed O’Connell
  • Written and Directed by  Thomas C. Gaunt
  • Produced by  Thomas C. Gaunt and Gary Czowiecki
  • Co-Producers  H. Joshua Gaunt, Jason Bryant, Trisha List, Soni Sinha and Bryan Gruesbeck
  • Cinematographer  Thomas C. Gaunt
  • Editors  Thomas C. Gaunt and Jason Bryant
  • Motion Graphics, Titles & Still Photography  Jenine Early
  • Music Composer  Justin Sloffer
  • GAUNT FILMS in association with Tribe Films and  A-List Studios

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