Feature Screenplay / Dramatic Crime Thriller / 97 pages                                                       IMDB logo

LOG LINE:  A homeless drifter retreats to a local cemetery to confront his past demons but gets drawn into a fight for survival when he witnesses two armed men attempting to bury an unconscious immigrant girl near the grave of his departed fiancée.


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TAG LINE: Every town has a secret place where sins of the past are buried.  Tonight, one man will unearth the truth.

THE NIGHT WATCHMAN has been named a Quarter-Finalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, a Semifinalist in the 2018 Roadmap Writers/Route One Entertainment Contest, a Semifinalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Drama Feature Script Contest, a Quarter-Finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest  and a Finalist in Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Rebel Without A Crew’ TV Show.

Screenplay Wins and Finalists

Originally titled AMONG THE DEAD, earlier drafts of THE NIGHT WATCHMAN were named a Semifinalist in the 2013 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest, a Quarter-Finalist in the 2014 Chicago Screenwriter’s Network Contest, a Quarter-Finalist in the 2015 Stage 32 Feature Contest,  placed in the Top 10% of the 2013 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition and placed in the Top 20% of 7,251 submissions in the 2013 Academy Nicholl Fellowships.

STATUS:  In Development


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