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LOG LINE:  On the verge of losing his family, a struggling boxer breaks into an apartment complex to score quick cash and makes an ill-fated discovery that forces him into a dangerous confrontation.

SYNOPSIS: Joe is down on his luck and unable to make ends meet.  After receiving a voicemail from his wife stating that she is fed up and taking their son, he is desperate for a quick fix.  He sets out to rob an apartment complex to score quick cash, but quickly learns that the price for his choice is higher than he ever expected.

RED MAZE won a ‘Silver Remi Award’ in the suspense/thriller category at WorldFest Houston, won Best Horror Film at the NCCC Film & Animation Festival and has been selected to premiere on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network as part of ‘The People’s Network: Suspense Edition’ later this year.

  • Starring   Gabriel Bartlett and Michael Larimer

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RED MAZE Festival Laurel Cluster b&w 10.22.17